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Heavy Vehicle Recovery

Specialist heavy vehicle recovery service for both private customers and haulage operators

We can also provide a specialist heavy vehicle recovery service for both private customers and haulage operators, We provide the right lift equipment to make sure your heavy vehicle is not damaged and recovered safely.

Our recovery service is a specialised and essential service that caters to the needs of both private individuals and commercial haulage operators. When heavy vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or large industrial machinery, face breakdowns, accidents, or other roadside emergencies, a professional heavy vehicle recovery service becomes invaluable.

At our company, we take pride in offering a dedicated service designed to address the unique challenges posed by these massive and often complex vehicles. Our team of experienced and trained professionals ensures that the right equipment and techniques are employed to recover heavy vehicles safely and efficiently.

One of the critical aspects of heavy vehicle recovery is the careful handling and lifting of these substantial loads. We employ specialized lift equipment, such as heavy-duty tow trucks, cranes, and winches, to ensure that the recovery process is executed without causing any further damage to the vehicle. Our primary goal is not only to recover the vehicle but also to do so in a way that preserves its structural integrity.

Whether it’s a stranded delivery truck, a disabled construction vehicle, or any other heavy commercial vehicle in distress, our heavy vehicle recovery service is here to provide a swift and professional solution. We understand the urgency and importance of getting your heavy vehicle back on the road, and we are committed to doing so safely and with the utmost care.


We Provide 24.7 Crane Hire & Contract Lift Crane Hire across North Wales & North West.

Crane Hire or Contract Lift Crane Hire, which is best suited to your needs?  All crane hire companies should operate with best practices and regulations of the terms and conditions of the CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) and in accordance with BS7121 (“The Safe Use of Cranes”). Buckley’s Crane Hire can provide your with both mobile crane hire with CPA Crane Hire or on a CPA Contract Lift basis to our customers throughout North Wales and the North West.

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